Spice and condiment business unit

We specialize in growing, processing and exporting premium quality spices and condiments. By meeting the needs of our customers, we have become a leader in the market.

We are located in the heart of the Bolivian Andes, a region known for its pristine conditions for growing top quality spices and condiments.

About us

We are a network of 6 agricultural cooperatives that run a social enterprise founded on cooperative principles and values helping more than 2,000 farming families in Bolivia.

Our values

Our vision

We are a leader in the spice industry and will continue growing, consolidating our presence on international markets, offering high quality products that satisfy customer demands, posting sustained profitability, with opportunities for professional and personal development of our employees and we will make a positive contribution to society through our commitment to equality and equity.

Our mission

Grow, process and market top quality spices, essential oils and condiments to satisfy customer demands and contribute to social and economic development that improves the quality of life of our farmers.


Be the leading company in the field of spices and condiments internationally, thus ensuring better incomes for our families, cooperatives and farmers.